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Quality is of top priority for all Vitas Screw products. Vitas Screws, meeting international norms ( DIN , TSE , ISO ) in standardization, has adopted total quality understanding as the main principle of its management policy. It has certified its product quality subject to automation, with TSE and DIN standards thanks to its modern technology.

Quality-oriented production process tracks the production at every stage starting from raw material purchases including packaging, stocking and distribution steps. With this process Vitas Screws makes sure products reach to customers without any problem.

Sheet Metal Screw;

Vitas Sheet Metal screws whose main raw material is imported wire rod at Cq15-Cq22 ( DIN 1654 ) standards are created by using European hard metal auxiliary materials. Use of this material makes it possible to meet DIN quality norm, no size changes occur; tensile strength, yielding point and torsion skill are at the highest level. Vitas Sheet Metal screws are coated with nickel, chrome, zinc and brass at requested micron thickness after being subjected to cementation (hardening) process. Pointed screw shall not be used when holes are not in the same line while connecting more than two sheets to each other. It is suggested to use screws with blunt point for tips coming out of sheet after connection that may cause injuries. Total thickness of sheets to be connected shall not be bigger than screw thread step (pitch) of the screw that will be used for connection.